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A sandy stoked spaceship wizard has embarked on a journey to Planet Earth.  His excelled wisdom and musical taste has delivered him to the Gold Coast, Australia - home to Peach Fur.

Upon touch down he meets up with the 4 furry fellaz Denny Hilder, Liam Ward, Ben Crichton & Mikey Woodworth.  Naturally a new friendship is formed.  They walk up the stairs of one thousand dreams, over the ever changing groove cubes of light and find themselves amongst a sea of dancing dazzlers.  The show's about to begin...  What is this sorcery the Wizard wondered as the sonic waves moved his body and expanded his consciousness?

A spell concoction entered his mind; 1kg of rock 'n roll, 1 cup of funk, 2 tablespoons of blues and a sprinkle of reggae, stirred thoroughly in a litre of psychedelic juice and left to cure in a jazzy jar.  Badda Bing Badda Boom!  The sound of Peach Fur.

1080 Peach Fur Burleigh-7.jpg

L to R: Liam Ward (Bass/Vocals), Denny Hilder (Vocals/Guitar),

Ben Crichton (Guitar), Mikey Woodworth (Drums)

Stuff they say

“Peach Fur have a manifesto of blending a pleasing array of modern rock, characterised by a driving and ever evolving psych that’s tastefully embellished with surf rock flourishes”. – Blank GC

“I just love these guys Peach Fur I really do, I’ve got a crush on Peach Fur… but they’re clever and there’s moments, and their clever enough to create moments of different shifts in tempo light, shade all that kind of thing… they get better… they’re ever evolving… their early stuff is fantastic… but they’re never the same… “- Matt Webber, ABC Gold Coast Afternoon’s Drive Presenter on featuring new track Aliens, 8th November 2019


“We expect big things to come from these guys”. Jariah Travan Presenter on New Music Show on ABC Gold Coast 8th November 2019

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